Saturday, July 10, 2010 is LIVE!

Check out my new website. It isn't that flashy, in fact it is pretty ghetto among website standards, but I am doomed to the KISS principle. Please post suggestions and wants!

Semper Fi,

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Warband Ii Clan Koban

Lord Isamu 90

Yojimbo (2 Warriors) 90

Samurai Katana (1 Retainer and 5 Samurai) (130)160 (Kenjutsu 2)

Samurai Naginata (1 Retainer and 5 Samurai) 140

Samurai Archers (1 Retainer and 5 Samurai) 145

Red Devils of Kimon (Kaito and 5 Samurai) 200

Warrior Monk (1 Retainer and 5 Monks) 205

Monk Yoshendo (Healing and Gust of Wind) 40

Ashigaru Spearmen (1 Retainer and 4 Spearmen) 57

39 Warriors 1127

Warband Honda Koban

Lord Tadayoshi 90

Yojimbo (2 Warriors) 90

Honda Takeshi (Character) 76

Samurai Katana (1 Retainer and 5 Samurai) 130

Samurai Katana (1 Retainer and 5 Samurai) 130

Samurai Naginata (1 Retainer and 5 Samurai) 140

Samurai Spearmen (1 Retainer and 5 Samurai) 135

Masazumi’s Berserkers (Masazumi and 4 Samurai) 200

Iga Ninja (1 Retainer and 3 Ninja) 99

Monk Yoshendo (Healing and Lightening Bolt) 40

38 Warriors 1130

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back from Origins!!!

Well we made it back from Origins safe and sound, and overall Yojimbo was a huge success. The miniatures were sold out by Saturday morning, and several of the 1st Printing Rule Books were sold.

I'd personally like to thank all of you that came by and invested your time and money into the game, and hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

Thank You!
JC McDaniel

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going to Origins!




June 22-27, 2010

1st Printing of the Yojimbo Rules to be Released

1st 50 Copies will be numbered and signed by

JC McDaniel

Even better by three packs and get your fourth FREE!!!

Booth 733

Monday, June 7, 2010


Just thought I'd drop a few pics of some painted Samurai with Naginata and a pic of the table thats going to Origins!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just a small update as I sit here drinking a Makers and Coke while simultaneously trying to finish up the rules. Blame the whiskey for any spelling errors. Seriously, I am in a great mood. My Grad School Finals are over and I can concentrate completely on drinki...wait I mean finishing the rules and sculpting new figures. The plan is still to have the core rules ready for Origins and hopefully I can get this next batch of 14 figures out to Jim by Monday. They include the Ashigaru Spearmen (5 figures), Ninjas (4 figures), and the Monks (5 figures).

Also working on getting material ready for the Official Yojimbo website in the next couple of weeks. Shoot me any questions or comments if you got 'em!