Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yojimbo Katana Samurai Pics

Just a few random figures from the Katana Pack.


  1. Been looking for nice Samurai figures! Thx!

  2. PS: Is it on the site yet? I can't find it. 'Grats on making this far. Make sure you let it know to other mini sites!

  3. Goat89...what other mini sites do you suggest?

    Glad you like them. The figures will be available this week (beginning April 5th). You can find them by navigating to New Products or through JCFigures on the Victory Force webpage.

  4. Mini sites as in forums that allow you to talk about mins with other like minded people. Examples would be:

    I can only think of these 2 for the moment. Try searching around!

  5. Tabletop Gaming News is another big site for miniatures and the discussion of them.

    Any opportunity to get in on any playtesting or intro games in the meantime?

  6. I am finalizing the core combat rules this week, and plans are to deliver rules to playtest groups next week. I'd like to know more about you and your experience if you don't mind shooting me an e-mail at