Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yojimbo is coming!!!

The first release of new miniatures for the upcoming game Yojimbo will arrive this month (April 2010), and be available exclusively through The first wave of figures will include three packs of five figures each. I will have pictures up this weekend of painted samples from each pack. Following close behind this release will be Retainer (leaders) figures to lead these unit packs. Several new releases will occur over the next two to three months and will continue with new releases every other month.

The rules will be released at Origins in June, so if you have the opportunity to go be sure to stop by our booth and say hello, and jump in a demo game.



  1. Great news! So the first packs are armored samurai?

  2. Yes, three packs, katanas, yari or naginata, and yumi. Ashigaru will be in the store towards the end of the month, maybe sooner.