Sunday, August 30, 2009

US MARINES (circa 2007)

These guys are a multi-part kit. Still working on heads and weapons and little details. Plan is to have the following weapon options for this pack: M16A4, M4A4, AT-4, M249 SAW, a m203 attachment for the M16 and M4, Benelli Shotgun, and M9 Pistol. I will probably add two other leg sets, one running and another crouched. Haven't really decided how this will be pacjkaged yet but am thinking it will be a squad pack, so you can make 13 figures, and I'll have a special squad leader figure included.


  1. Toss a 240 into the mix along with a few assault/day packs, and I would snag a few packs. how go's the work on these mins?

    Also who would you distribute them threw?

  2. Also are they only coming with K-pots or with Mich style helmets? sence the helmets are not attached to the heads of what I am guessing will be a multy part kit, maby provide the option of different head gear sets? Boonies, K-pots, Mitch's, PC caps. Hell if the weapons are also not connected to the hands provide options with G-36s, Ak-47, AK-74s, RPKs and Stryes Augs. So that they can be used as Nato (Romanians, Ukrainians, hungarians, Aussies, polish, and some well kited out ANA and Iraq army)

  3. JC, these are looking FANTASTIC! Any ideas on a "target date" for them?

    Also, will you get James @ VFM to do the casting/distribution for you? If so, then I would LOVE to see you implement something like James' "Choose a Hand Feature". This would allow customers to get the "correct" weapon mix to match any given scenarios.

    Keep up the great work!

    - Jim

  4. I hope I'll see these in the Victory Force store. For my own purposes it would be great to see some separate gasmask heads or eventually if you could do some MOPP4 equipped soldiers. Thank you.

  5. Wow... These are looking great. There is a real lack of acurate Marines and US. Army currently available in 28mm.
    Any idea at what sort of time frame we're looking at for these?